Instructions for i-Image Machine Shut Down

The following are a few steps on preparing a I-image for a big storm where extended power outages could occur or if the machine has to be down for an extended period of time.  
  • On the small LCD screen on the actual I-image itself there is a menu button once you press it find the following options. 
  • Use the down arrow key to find maintenance then press right arrow key.
  • Find the cap maintain on key and press the enter key on the center of the arrow pad. 
  • This will shift the head over and retract the Wiper tray so the caps will be exposed.
  • Fill the caps with flushing solution then turn cap maintain off in the same menu.
  • Once the head has shifted back over the station go to the printer control screen on the computer and click on manual clean which will open a side menu.
  • Select cap on and the machine will wet cap the print head.
  • After the head is capped flip the valves above the print head all the way up
In case power does go out it will help keep the ink in the print head by creating a vacuum in the line. There is no need to turn the power to the machine off as the heads will regulate there internal temperature but if power failure does happen the machine is now wet capped properly to avoid fluid loss in the print heads. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the M&R Service Dept at 800-483-8765 or any of us at Roeder Industries at 407-722-8700.