Exile- Oyo Thermoimpression Film 5 mil 14.24" x 200' roll.

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Product Overview

Oyo ThermoImpression Film 5 mil 14.24" x 200' roll.

  • Oyo's ThermoImpression Film is a specially coated polyester which, instead of being light sensitive like other graphic art films, is heat sensitive.
  • Imagesetters apply heat to the film, the reactive layer turns black and creates the image.
  • This product does not require messy toners, dyes, inks or transfers.
  • This is the only consumable needed for the Liberator, TechStyler, TechSetter, and EcoPRO product lines.

• Up to 5.0 UV Dmax Density
• 0.03 UV Dmin Density (optically clear)
• 0.005” thickness for better handling
• Lays flat before and after exposure
• Dimensionally stable for accurate registration
• Light safe
• Waterproof
• 20+ year shelf life