Easiway - EasiSolv Screen Perfect Mesh Prep/Degreaser - Mix 1:20 as Degreaser


Product Overview

EasiSolv Screen Perfect Emulsion/Stencil Enhancer

EasiSolv™ Screen Perfect Emulsion/Stencil Enhancer is a ready to use liquid which provides a revolutionary, radical approach to preparing mesh for emulsion coating and film application.

  • This unique union of water-based polymeric components simply eliminates many common problems experienced in screen making.
  • Pinholes and fisheyes are eliminated.
  • Thick and thin spots on emulsion coated screens will disappear.
  • Screens look and feel smoother.
  • Print life is extended.
  • Screens rinse out easily.
  • Mesh reclaims simply.
  • Eliminates the need for screen degreaser, mesh prep and wetting agent. 

EasiSolv Screen Perfect Special Features:

  • Incorporates a unique mesh treatment which eliminates pinholes and fisheyes. Case studies document up to 98% reduction! This results in better quality screens and dramatic reductions in labor and supplies used for touch up.
  • Cleans and prepares the mesh more thoroughly than conventional products ensuring better adhesion, durability and image definition.
  • Conditions the mesh to allow smooth, uniform flow of direct emulsions. The result is better thickness control, elimination of thin weak spots and reduced squeegee wear.
  • Will provide better emulsion and film adhesion, smoother surface and more uniformity which directly results in longer print durability at the press.
  • Will eliminate the need for mesh degreaser, mesh prep and wetting agent which will save considerable expense and time in screen making.
  • Requires only 1 ounce of product per 11 square feet of mesh surface making this treatment extremely economical and effective on all mesh types.
  • May be reduced with 20 parts water and used as a simple mesh degreaser.

 msds.pngDownload the MSDS Sheet Here.