EasiWay - EasiSolv 701-N Screen Wash & Stain Remover


Product Overview

EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash / Stain Remover

Special Features:

  • EasiSolv 701 dissolves all inks and ink stains quickly, allowing mesh to be rinsed clean with water.

  • EasiSolv 701 is a low odor product, providing a more pleasant environment for employees.

  • EasiSolv 701 contains no hazardous substances (no TLV’s, no PEL’s) which provides a better workplace environment.

  • EasiSolv 701 is non-flammable (flash point of 196°F) which makes it safer for handling, storage and rag disposal than conventional screen washes.

  • EasiSolv 701 contains low-foam, biodegradable detergents which contribute to superior ink and stain removal, while providing complete rinseability with water.

  • EasiSolv 701 is not SARA (Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act) reportable which requires less solvent monitoring and paperwork.

  • EasiSolv 701 may be applied manually, recirculated through the EasiFlo System or recirculated in enclosed, automatic screen washing systems, providing superior product life and economy.

  • EasiSolv 701 may be applied to a wet screen for use as a stain remover, without causing damage to the mesh.

EasiSolv 701 Screen Wash / Stain Remover Application:

  • Scrape excess ink from screen.

  • Apply EasiSolv 701 to the (well) ink and print side of the screen. Scrub if necessary.

  • Squeegee excess off screen.

  • Using a good high pressure washer, spray rinse the screen starting at the bottom of the well side and work up. Give good attention to the image area of the screen. Rinse the print side of the screen.

  • Apply an EasiWay Systems, Inc. approved emulsion/stencil remover. The screen will now be ready for reuse.

  • If stubborn stains remain, apply EasiSolv 701 as a stain remover and high pressure rinse.

 msds.pngDownload the MSDS Sheet Here.