EasiWay - Easiflo Recirculating Chemical Pump &Tank, 30 Gallon

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Product Overview

EasiWay - Easiflo Recirculating Chemical Pump & Tank -  30 Gallon

  • EasiFlo users report up to 200 screens cleaned per gallon of Easiway Systems approved screen cleaning product!
  • This is a cost of between .07 and .10 cents per screen!
  • Both the motor and washout booth are manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA.
  • They are made of white, corrosion proof, longs lasting polypropylene.
  • This system is ideal for both saved and reclaimed screens.

EasiFlo Recirculating E-30P system includes:

  • Unique screen filter with sludge removal tray
  • Solvent resistant hoses
  • Explosion proof motor and junction box
  • Integral 10 micron multi-filter

E-30P EasiFlo Recirculatating System Application:

  • Simply scrape excess ink from the printed screen and then place the screen in the EasiFlo Booth (E-46P).
  • Turn on the pump (E-30P) and wash the residual ink from the screens with an Easiway Systems On-Press Cleaner or Screen Wash.