Action Engineering - M&R Style Winged Flood Bar 10"

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Product Overview

Action Engineering M&R Style Winged Floodbar 10"

  • Our winged floodbars now have an improved design that eliminates the area that previously trapped ink.
  • Time, effort, and ink are saved making this an economical purchase.
  • Our design virtually removes the need for all of the time and attention required to scrape ink from the side of the frame back into the inkwell.
  • Every time your screen is flooded, the wings are working to control the ink.
  • Mix less custom ink, use less ink overall and reduce cleanup time!
  • Regular flood bars leave a trail of ink on left and right side of the screen which requires one to routinely scrape ink back into the inkwell by hand.
  • Made of high quality laser-cut polished stainless steel!


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