Murakami T9 Emulsion


Product Overview

Murakami T9 Emulsion

  • Pre-sensitized emulsion, ready-to-use. No diazo required
  • Fast Exposure time, faster screen turnaround for volume production
  • High solid contents and viscosity for easy coating and bild up emulsion thickness
  • Suitable for texile application for water-based ink, HSA ink and solvent cleaning
  • Excellent resolution and definition

Murakami T9 is a new emulsion that can print all textile systems without the need for hardeners.  This high viscosity, high solids emulsion reclaims easily to preserve fine meshes.  Easy to coat and expose with great resolution for all types of textile printing.  Reclaming is very easy with normal chemistry. 

  • Magenta colored PVA-SBQ Pure Photopolymer Direct Emulsion
  • Pre-sensitized for immediate use
  • Fast exposures, 3-5x faster than diazo based emulsions
  • Excellent for use with UV, solvent based, and textile ink systems
  • Virtually pin hole and fish eye free
  • Extremely durable on press
  • Outstanding resolution and definition of fine lines and halftones
  • 37% solids content
  • Viscosity: Approx. 20,000mPa・s(25℃)
  • Solid Contents: Approx. 45%
  • Packaging Standards: Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 50 Gallon